Alt-Invest is a Russian consulting company specializing in strategic financial analysis and planning. We are widely known for our software product Alt-Invest (Summ), which has become the standard for financial modeling in Russia.

We have been working since 1992, the same period of time as a market economy exists in Russia. During these years we have accumulated unique experience in many industries, types of projects, and regions. We constantly improve our experience and knowledge, develop our skills, and acquire leading practices. For each project or task we have a base and tested tools to start with. This helps us to keep up the level of the services quality and compete with leading international consultants for almost 30 years.

Alt-Invest services are ISO 9000 certified.


We develop and conduct short-term courses and trainings for specialists involved in investment planning, financial modeling and project finance


Universal solution for strategic financial planning, investment projects’ analysis and business planning


We help companies to plan their investments, prepare business plans, apply for financing in banks, do marketing analysis and develop strategies and concepts


Project Finance

We have prepared hundreds of business plans, and we can do more: organize a fully-fledged work with banks, funds and investors

Market Analysis

Our special skills are analysis of complex and opaque B2B markets, research for industrial companies, assessment of the market prospects for new products

Software Solutions

We have developed software solutions for such routine tasks as investment projects’ analysis or financial analysis

Strategy Consulting

From concepts and tailored solutions to the strategy development. We successfully completed dozens of projects

Financial Modeling

We are constantly involved in a process of financial modeling; we develop models for all kinds of projects and know how to make the model an ideal analytic tool

Training and Сertification

Every year we conduct from 50 to 100 trainings and seminars on strategic analysis and planning - more than anyone else in Russia


As a successful company, we strive to manage projects and customer relationships ideally, always ensure high quality of our services, and hire the best specialists. We have created and maintain a wide network of relations with all important market participants: banks, funds, development agencies, as well as with industry specialists capable of solving complex niche tasks.

To keep our leading position, we adhere to three principles that make us unique among consulting companies:

Concentration of Experience

We work in a fairly narrow market niche, specializing in strategic analysis and planning. Thanks to this, each of our services has been honed to perfection over decades.

Our leading consultants are involved in both - project work and teaching. That’s why we teach relevant practice and not just theory, we always have thousands of examples and hundreds of case-studies. We know everything about the tasks we are solving.

Advanced Consulting

When we start the project, we already have solutions and best practices to solve the tasks. First of all, these are financial models that have become for our company not only a working tool, but also a separate product. But we also have ready-made solutions for market analysis, strategic consulting, and many other areas.

Advanced consulting means less mistakes, faster results, guaranteed quality, and ultimately, better results for less money. And we are constantly improving these tools.

Best knowledge

Significant part of the company’s value is consultants’ skills; therefore, we invest in their training. Leading universities’ courses, training programs like CFA, ACCA, CIMA provide the highest level of the professional development.

We participate in international associations and maintain relationships with leading consultants in different countries. We do a lot to combine Russian practice and knowledge with techniques and tools created around the world.



Alt-Invest solutions have become the de facto standard for projects’ evaluation. The largest banks such as Sberbank and VTB rely on our products and methods.

Machine Building

Almost every major machine building company in Russia used Alt-Invest solutions at least ones. For many years we help them to deal with different kinds of tasks and have gained unique experience.


Construction requires specific models and approaches for projects evaluation. That’s why we have developed Alt-Invest Construction software solution. And we use our extensive consulting experience to constantly improve it.

Government Institutions

We constantly work with the development agencies and other regional and federal government institutions, so we perfectly understand the rules and principles of their work.

Agriculture and Food Industry

All experience we have gained in agricultural projects we formed in an industry unit, specializing in food industry, in any aspect of it: from veterinary analysis to capital raising.


For 10 years we participated in the Russian Railways reorganization and completed many projects. This experience is complemented by the projects in the field of automobile transport and port terminals.


Dozens of Russian universities use Alt-Invest software and teaching aids in training process. And the list of the universities is growing.


Energy companies have been using Alt-Invest program solutions for a long time. Almost all power and heat generating and distributing companies are our software users and trainings’ participants.

Extractive Industries

Our experience is not only about projects, but also about creating tailored solutions for companies in mining and oil and gas sectors.