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Agriculture and Food Industry


Alt-Invest has gained a considerable experience in the field of agriculture. Among our clients there are the largest producers of agricultural products as well as banks financing agricultural sector, and food and beverages producers.
We know the nuances of the structure of many sectors of this industry, have experience in market research, and understand pecularities of financial planning.
Sinyavinskaya Prodimex The Khanty-Mansi
Autonomous Area
Fazer The Republic
of Dagestan
Our basic offers for agriculture and food industry:
Development of business plans and other documents for investment projects. Market research
We prepare for you all the necessary documents to support the investment project. It can be just a business plan or complete set of documents to work with an investor, or an internal feasibility study for the corporation management.
Work may include support for the project in the process of negotiating with the bank.
We are eager to assist our clients in any task where our developments and competence can be useful.
Financial planning for agriculture business and food industry
Lately our company has developed more than 20 modifications of software products for investment projects evaluation and financial analysis of the enterprise. Considerable number of these products was developed for large holdings and took into account industry’s and company’s specifics. An important feature of our work - we offer a complete solution, including procedures and regulations development, financial models development, and training.
Training of the company’s experts
Every year up to 1 500 specialists in financial planning and projects evaluation are trained in our seminars and trainings. Dozens of major corporations have choosen us to improve the skills of their employees.
The important feature of our training is that it is conducted only by practicing consultants and based on case studies from real business.
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