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Moscow: B.Pochtovaya str. 36, 1
Phone: +7 (495) 580-9875
StP: Vosstaniya, 7, office 409
Phone: +7 (812) 44-88-389

Perm Motors Group

Group of companies organized in a processing chain covering engineering, fine-tuning, serial production of aircraft engines, gas turbines and gas turbine power plants, helicopter gearboxes and transmissions, as well as its after-sale operational maintenance.

This is where the engines of the most of Russian passenger and cargo aircraft were designed, starting from oldsters - Tu-134, Il-62M, Tu-154, IL-76 and up to the newest ones - Tu-204, Tu-214, Il-96-300 Il-76MF.

The company uses Alt-Invest software for program to investment projects’ valuation.

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