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Moscow: B.Pochtovaya str. 36, 1
Phone: +7 (495) 580-9875
StP: Vosstaniya, 7, office 409
Phone: +7 (812) 44-88-389


Metakhim Chemical Production CJSC was founded in 2004 on the basis of the Volkhov Aluminum Factory. Nowadays there are about 2 500 employees at Metakhim.

In 2005 the plant started clinker production. That is how Volkhovsky Cement Plant of Metakhim CJSC was organized. And in 2006 cement sales at St. Petersburg started. Production is delivered in the CIS countries, Czech Republic, India, Southeast Asia.

Alt-Invest develop a business plan of the Volkhov Cement Plant creation. In addition, Alt-Invest experts developed projects of construction cement plants in Dagestan, Bashkortostan and Kazakhstan, as well as many other projects of construction materials production.

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